Tim Holtrop, storyboard artist / illustrator

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator, Tim Holtrop:
Providing artistic products & services for projects in film, TV, video games, comics, publishing, advertising, web, and more!  Represented by Famous Frames, Inc.


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Art by Tim Holtrop - Storyboard Artist / Illustrator   Tim Holtrop - Storyboard Artist / Illustrator:
Providing artistic products & services --storyboards, comp art, concept sketches, illustrations, (etc.)-- for projects in film, TV, video games, comics, publishing, advertising, web, and more! Represented by Famous Frames, Inc.     www.timholtrop.com
Art from Cuddly Critters™ cute cartoon animals   Cuddly Critters™ - cute cartoon animals:
Gift & collectable items featuring cute cartoon animals, the Cuddly Critters™. Designs available on a variety of merchandise. Buy for yourself, or give as a gift to that special person in your life!
Art from a Cuddly Critters coloring page   CyberCrayon - free printable activities:
Free printable activities for the whole family! Currently featuring word searches and Cuddly Critters™ cute cartoon animal coloring pages.
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art for comprehensive layouts ("comp art"), concept sketches, and illustrations
for film, television, video games, comics, advertising, and more...Enjoy!


I currently provide my services to clients
around the country, working from my home in West Michigan, delivering art via e-mail / internet.
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I primarily do my b/w
and color work in a quick, loose, action-oriented, comic book style.

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